By Dave Woods

23rd Aug, 2019 | 1:12pm

Hay teases 'certain German manufacturer' lined up for new Leeds kit deal

Leeds journalist Phil Hay has teased “a certain German manufacturer” coming in to do the new Leeds kit when the Kappa deal runs out next summer. 

Leeds signed a five-year deal with Kappa in the summer of 2015 and now plenty of fans are excited that Adidas will be making the kits for the 20/21 season.

Adidas are the most famous sports brand manufacturer in Germany, along with Puma.

In a Q&A on new sports outlet The Athletic, Hay was asked, “If we are in the premier league when our Kappa deal ends do you think we could attract someone like Nike or Adidas?”

Hay responded saying, “It’s very possible that a certain German manufacturer will get on board when the Kappa deal ends.”

That makes it sound very much like Adidas could be in line for the gig and that would make a lot of Leeds fans very happy.

Here are the best reactions to the tease from Hay:

One Leeds twitter account set up a quick poll to ask if fans would prefer a Puma or Adidas kit and there was only one winner.

In the big family feud between Adolf and Rudolf Dassler, Leeds fans are firmly on the side of Adolf with 89% of fans wanting to see Adidas on the 20/21 Leeds strip.