By David Woods

7th Apr, 2020 | 10:52am

'Own interests': Shaun Harvey Leeds verdict on talkSPORT comes as no surprise – MOT View

Former Leeds and EFL chief executive Shaun Harvey couldn’t bring himself to praise the Leeds United players for agreeing to a wage deferral almost two weeks ago.

That wage deferral meant all non-footballing staff could be paid.

Leeds have led the line as other clubs have been criticised for using the government to help pay their wages.

Danny Murphy criticised his former side on the White & Sawyer show on talkSPORT (Monday, 10am) saying, “It’s totally against what Liverpool football club is and has built since Shankley.”

Since then, Liverpool have reversed their decision.

Talking on the White & Sawyer show (talkSPORT, Monday, 10am), Harvey was asked about the Leeds decision to ensure all 272 non-footballing staff would be paid.

“Each clubs is looking after it’s own interests,” Harvey said. “Ideally, if you could find a solution that would work equally for everyone across football, that would be ideal as every club would be treated the same.

“But each club’s finances are different and if clubs can continue to pay people then they’ll pay people.

“I don’t fear that clubs will do this individually, I think it’s the only way it can happen.

“If the players can come to an agreement in the best interests of that club going forward, great, but deferrals are only a case of postponing receipt of money not giving it up, and that’s where we need to concentrate until we get to the point where we know what football will look like in the future.”

The Leeds players might have to take a wage cut in the further.

But that shouldn’t take away from what they’ve done already. Premier League players are still squabbling about possible cuts or deferrals.

Meanwhile, Liverpool, one of the biggest clubs in the world, furloughed staff and then had to back down in the face of public pressure, despite being able to pay them all and not be in any danger financially.

Leeds get more than their fair share of negative press when things go wrong but it rarely feels the same the other way round. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by Harvey, who had a terrible track record while CEO at Leeds.

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