By Craig Scott

28th Oct, 2020 | 7:40pm

'Grow up' - Agbonlahor hits out at Leeds fan on Twitter as war of words continues

The war of words between Leeds United fans and former Aston Villa striker Gabriel Agbonlahor has continued on Twitter today.

Last week, ahead of Aston Villa’s clash against Leeds in the West Midlands, Agbonlahor called the Whites a “myth” under Marcelo Bielsa and claimed that Dean Smith should be getting as much credit as the iconic Argentine [talkSPORT].

Even after seeing his former club get beaten 3-0 by Leeds courtesy of a Patrick Bamford hat-trick, Agbonlahor refused to take his foot off the gas on his journey towards punditry infamy.

Leeds’ official Twitter account, as well as the club’s fans, trolled Agbonlahor relentlessly for his comments after the match.

Instead of holding his hands up and admitting defeat, the three-times England international acted like a 12-year-old member of ‘Football Twitter’ by saying that being in the Premier League is “part of being in the big-time” and that he left the club “rattled” by his previous comments [talkSPORT].

Popular Leeds fanzine The Square Ball has since discussed Agbonlahor’s comments, leading to the former Villa man biting again by saying: “And they’re still going.” One Leeds fan responded to that tweet, which led to Agbonlahor tweeting – yet again.

“Grow up,” he said, when being told that Leeds will haunt him forever.


If anyone needs to grow up, it’s the 34-year-old former England and Premier League striker who’s acting like a child on social media.

Using terms like “myth” and “rattled” just shows that Agbonlahor is only in this to provoke a reaction.

Yes, he’s managed to get that reaction but if he keeps on going on about Leeds, Leeds fans are going to keep going on about him.

He started this feud – let’s remember that.

We thought that Bamford ended it but the ex-Villa man really doesn’t know when to quit.

Fortunately for him, when it came to his footballing career, he did know when to call it a day.

In other Leeds United news, LUTV host Emma Jones has mocked Agbonlahor.