By David Woods

4th Apr, 2020 | 3:51pm

'Good news' – Charlie Nicholas reacts to major update that boosts Leeds promotion hopes

The Premier League released a major statement on Friday after a video conference meeting that involved all 20 clubs – and Charlie Nicholas thinks it delivers near certainty to the 19/20 season getting finished. 

There had been worrying overtures before the meeting, with the Athletic saying that the Premier League were worried about time running out and voiding the season being a real possibility.

That was pretty much ruled out after the Premier League suspended the season indefinitely but re-iterated that it would be finished when it was safe to do so.

In addition, the statement said, “The sporting and financial implications for Premier League clubs as well as for The FA, EFL and National League were considered at today’s meeting.”

This shows the Premier League aren’t working in isolation.

Talking on Sky Sports, Charlie Nicholas said it was “good news” and that “they’ve more or less indicated” that the 19/20 season will finish even if it means delaying the start of next season.

“It was good news,” Nicholas said on Sky Sports News (Saturday, 9am).

“I’ve waited and waited and said, be patient, give people the chance to have a breath. We want the season finished, we don’t want it null and void.

“I think if we’re patient enough and we wait, good news will come. We have to see this through.

“Football saying it’s going to shut down… I think it was the right thing, rather than wait two weeks, it was the right call.

“It gave me the impression we want to see the season finished – they’ve more or less indicated that now. If that means waiting and a delay to the start of next season, so be it.”

Some people might be struggling to see the upside of yesterday’s statement after hoping that football would resume in May.

However what they have done is reaffirm their commitment to finishing the season, whenever that is.

There hasn’t been a hint that the season being voided is even a remote possibility.

That’s great news for Leeds United and, as Nicholas said, all we can do now is be patient and wait for things to get back to normal.

That might take a while but think of the excitement when football does resume and Leeds are on the brink of a return to the Premier League…

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