By Mark Smith

9th Nov, 2020 | 6:00pm

'Get rid' - Gary Neville calls for PL change after 'Nonsense' decision in Leeds clash

Gary Neville has called for a law change in the Premier League after Leeds United forward Patrick Bamford had a goal disallowed against Crystal Palace.

The Sky pundit claimed that nobody wants to see the incident at Selhurst Park happen again, with Mike Dean’s judgment being destroyed over the weekend.

Dean and the VAR system disallowed Bamford’s goal which would have equalised the game, one in which the Whites went on to lose 4-1.

Neville claimed that there has been a level of consistency now with the system, but that it is getting involved far too much and must be changed.

“The nonsense of the early days of VAR when they were all over the place with the decision making has gone, we’re actually getting consistency,” he said on his Sky Sports podcast.

“It’s actually a couple of rule changes – like the Bamford handball where they are drawing the line down the arm, we don’t want to see it. Let’s get rid of it because the game doesn’t want to see it.”

Looking at the screenshot of the VAR pictures only proves that it was a ludicrous decision and that something needs to change.

Bamford’s legs are at-least a yard behind the Palace defence, but yet he was given offside because his sleeve was just in-front.

We could understand if the 27-year-old went through and touched the ball with that part of his body, but the ball didn’t leave the floor until he scooped it over the keeper.

If you look closely too, part of Patrick Van Aanholt’s sleeve is over the blue line drawn, and it doesn’t help that the cameras aren’t even in-line.

Everything about this is a joke, and for once we side with Neville on this one – something needs to change in the Premier League.

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