Kieran Maguire has slammed the Premier League ‘Big Six’ for agreeing to join a new European Super League in a move that could slam the door shut on Leeds United.

Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur have all become founding members of the ESL, a breakaway league initiated by the ‘elite’ European clubs to replace the current Champions League and Europa League governed by UEFA. [BBC Sport].

The six other founders are made up from Spain and Italy (three apiece) and it would change the landscape of European football irrevocably.

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Football finance expert Maguire, writing on his personal Twitter profile, hit out at the ‘G6’ or ‘Greedy Six’ as the English sides are now being termed as.

He said: “For ambitious clubs such as Everton, Villa, Leeds, Newcastle, Leicester etc it’s not just a case of the door being slammed in their faces by the G6 [Giant Six], but the door is locked, bolted and boiling oil being poured over the heads of those outside.”

Greed knows no bounds

Just as we can sense ourselves inching back towards our former glory the Premier League elite try to block our path and cap our knees.

After sixteen years spent in the doldrums of the EFL we thought our dreams had come true with promotion back to the Premier League last year.

The feeling that the sky is the limit, that we could stabilise our club in the top-flight once again and then launch an assault on Europe in the next few years.

A brilliant showing on our return means European football could even be possible this year and gave hope that the gap to the top is not insurmountable.

But the ESL is a punch in the gut and could have huge ramifications on our club.

Maguire namechecks Leeds in a five-strong list of clubs that should feel the most snubbed by this news and as an expert on football finance he knows better than anyone just how big of an effect this will have on the Whites.

Without the ‘Big Six’ competitions are devalued and sponsors and the like will surely drop their interest or reduce the budget considerably.

Maybe we’ll have an easier route to the traditional European competitions if those six teams are out but that’s now what we want – we want to compete with the best and we were on the way to doing so.

The elite sides are trying to block our path to the riches and they must be punished for doing so.

In other Leeds United news, PL pundit hails Whites ace as one of the best in his position.


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