Leeds United financial expert Mike Thornton has cast major doubt on a report by the Daily Mail which claims Andrea Radrizzani is in advanced talks to decrease his shareholding in the club.

The newspaper reports that San Francisco 49ers are close to increasing their stake in Leeds to 25 per cent. The Mail adds that the NFL franchise already has 10 per cent of the Whites.

It is also understood that the deal would mean Leeds are valued at £240million. Radrizzani paid £90million to buy the Yorkshire club from Massimo Cellino.

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However, Thornton, a director of Leeds Fans United, reports on his personal Twitter account that the Dail Mail’s article fails to add up.

He reports that the 49ers already own 15 per cent of Leeds, not the 10 per cent which is previously claimed. 49ers’ motivation to raise their shareholding by just 10 per cent has been questioned.

Thorton, who’s recently revealed big financial news about the Whites, also added: “49ers only have a financial interest in the club and not [Elland Road] yet [49ers president Paraag] Marathe has waxed lyrical about stadium development.

“Now that GFH are gone I’d expect ER to return be sold back to club and 49ers to invest in a Club+ER package.

“I’d also expect 49ers to end up with more than 25 per cent but less than 50 per cent so they have significant control but Radz retains overall 51 per cent-plus control.

“£240million value seems low!”

Doesn’t add up

Reporting the wrong figure for the 49ers’ current shareholding is poor. If you’re going to write an exclusive story about Leeds’ finances you must get the figures right.

Radrizzani selling 10 per cent or 15 per cent might seem like a small amount of money when you read it in this sentence but in terms of actual money, it’s a lot. Especially when Leeds are valued £240million.

But, as Thornton points out, the club must be worth more than that.

Burnley are set to be sold for £200million while West Brom were sold for £200million four years ago.

Leeds are bigger than both of those clubs and are going to rake in a lot more money than them as long as they are in the Premier League.

Just a £40million difference between Burnley now and West Brom four years ago doesn’t add up in our eyes.

Leeds are surely close to being worth £300million with the £100million worth of players bought in the last transfer window.

In other Leeds United news, Gabby Agbonlahor threw a strop on Twitter after the Whites’ big win against Newcastle.


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