Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa has admitted that his signature style of play does have its “limits”. 

The Argentine is renowned for his high intensity tactics and emphasise on constant pressing, but has openly stated that the physical demands of his preferences can be “exhausting” for players.

The Whites open their Premier League campaign with a clash against defending champions Liverpool on Saturday.

leeds united

And prior to that clash, Bielsa has given a rare interview with Sky Sports.

Speaking to the broadcaster, he said: “This way of playing has limits and can be exhausting.

“It’s not just about playing in a specific way but being able to adapt to circumstances. Sometimes, to do that well, there are things you have to insist on, things you have to emphasise and things you have to develop.

“You have to keep all that in mind because when you are a manager, you are presented with many problems and the solutions are not always the same, due to evolution or change.

“You have to look at problems and decide whether they require different answers to the ones you are used to.”

leeds united

One of the biggest accusations that is always thrown at Bielsa is that his style of play is unsustainable.

The rigorous training regime and emphasis on constant work off the ball means that it can quickly wear out a team, especially considering the South American’s preference for a smaller playing squad.

It’s no coincidence that Bielsa’s tenures at various clubs have rarely lasted longer than a couple of seasons, with his average time with a team coming in at 1.6 years.

There were even fears that he had burnt out this current Leeds side when they stalled horribly at the end of the 2018/19 season.

But they bounced back brilliantly last term, and with the confirmation that Bielsa has signed a year-long contract extension at Elland Road, this looks like one project that he’s planning on going the distance with.

In other Leeds United news, Fulham and Leeds are interested in signing this midfielder.


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