By Mark Smith

18th Oct, 2022 | 12:10pm

Ex-Premier League Referee: Danger gave fans chance to express things no one wants to see in Leeds United v Arsenal

We’re delighted to welcome former Premier League referee Keith Hackett to the MOT Leeds News team. Each week, Hackett will discuss the big moments from the latest Leeds United games and deliver his verdict on whether his successors got their calls right or wrong…

Keith Hackett has insisted that there was a danger to everyone at Elland Road after the Leeds United clash with Arsenal was temporarily suspended.

The ex-FIFA referee admitted that taking the players off the field gave fans in all four stands the chance to express things that not everyone wants to see.

The game did eventually resume after the power cut, with it said to prove that officials deal with so much more than just football games when placed in charge.

“What it highlights at the elite level is when a Premier League referee steps out, he’s not just refereeing a football game,” he exclusively told MOT Leeds News.

“He’s prepared and trained almost in event management, I’ve seen people say that they used to play the game without communication kits and all sorts. Ultimately, the use of technology – VAR and goal-line technology is important to the referee, it has to work, I’ve no doubt it was checked.

“It was a power surge, one of those things, but it actually puts pressure on everybody, the players have warmed up, the crowd are ready, there is catering and crowd security, all those things and the danger is when you take the players off, it’s giving the fans the opportunity to express things we don’t want to see.

“It was dealt with.”

Chris Kavanagh had an eventful afternoon, to say the least.

The officials may have had no choice but to take the players off after everything started to fail, and people can accept that, but his officiating in the game didn’t really get any better.

The Premier League will surely have launched an investigation into the events at Elland Road, mainly to make sure that their officials aren’t caught like that again.

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