By James Murray

18th Oct, 2023 | 7:43pm

Everton in secret Premier League meeting after Leeds United development, potentially 'huge'

Everton had a secret meeting with the Premier League on Tuesday (17 October) over a decision that could impact Leeds United, according to the Daily Mail.

The newspaper reported on its website on Wednesday (18 October) that the meeting was to begin the Toffees’ disciplinary hearing into its alleged breach of Premier League spending rules.

It added that the league is expected to publish the verdict and any sanctions imposed by the tribunal at some point next month without giving advance notice to the other clubs, but it will be guided by the commission, which is not working to any set timeframe.


This week could have potentially massive consequences for Everton depending on the judgement that is made by the independent commission with regard to the club’s breach of spending.

The case could affect the proposed sale by owner Farhad Moshiri to 777 Partners, as Leeds, Leicester and Burnley are threatening to sue the Merseysiders for £300million if they are found guilty.

This is because those clubs believe the Toffees may have profited from the alleged offence, potentially leading to the Whites and the Foxes being relegated last season.

Those three clubs have every right to be frustrated at the way the matter has panned out after Everton were charged by the Premier League in March with breaching Financial Fair Play regulations.

There is an argument that the Blues should have been punished before now, with a potential points deduction being mooted, which could have led to them being relegated instead last season if the hearing had taken place at an earlier date.

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