By Craig Scott

23rd Mar, 2020 | 9:30pm

'Difficult but it’s got to be done' - Leeds captain Liam Cooper issues plea

Leeds United captain Liam Cooper has urged people to stay indoors and practise social distancing amid the current coronavirus pandemic.

Although the government have advised against large social gatherings and being within 6 feet of someone outside of your household, a lot of images and videos emerged over the weekend of people ignoring that advice.

Stuart Dallas posted a video on Twitter which called for people to follow the advice and Cooper has now followed suit in an interview.

“Working from home is difficult but it’s got to be done,” he said, as quoted by the Yorkshire Evening Post.

“The current situation is that we’ve got to self isolate, we’ve got to listen to the experts, we’ve got to do it.

“It’s not just for ourselves, as a country we’ve got to really listen and not be selfish.”

It is great to see someone like Cooper using his influence to try and convince people to change their behaviour but now it is over to the general public to heed his words and start to take in that we’re in the middle of a global crisis.

Everyone – of all ages – must follow the advice of Cooper and the government.

We all want football to come back as soon as possible. We all want to be able to book holidays. We all want to go out and see our friends and family.

And the sooner we start practising social distancing on a mass scale, the sooner we will all be able to do that.

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