By Mark Smith

11th Feb, 2022 | 4:10pm

Diego Flores quit Leeds United to not disrespect Marcelo Bielsa - Phil Hay

Phil Hay has shared that Diego Flores quit Leeds United in a bid not to disrespect Marcelo Bielsa and his methods.

The coach left Elland Road after promotion to the Premier League to return to South America, not accepting another job.

Hay has insisted that was because he didn’t want it to seem as though he was bailing out on El Loco and the Whites.

Speaking on the latest episode of the Phil Hay Show this morning (11 February), the journalist shared what happened.

“He was without any doubt tired,” he said.

“I think just to an extent, he wanted a break. He basically said because he didn’t want to be disloyal to Bielsa, ‘I wasn’t prepared to accept another offer from anywhere else, so I basically just quit’.

“In order to leave, ‘I’m just gonna give up my job so I don’t disrespect or upset you, or make it look like I’m bailing out to go somewhere else, I’m just going to give this all up’, and he did.”


Bielsa and his team are all about loyalty, which has been made very clear over the past four years at Elland Road.

They are all like a small family and are consistently working seven days a week for nearly 24 hours a day.

Flores was burnt out, and a return to South America was what he needed, and it is brilliant that he would rather just quit than accept another job and leave, that is the loyalty of the highest order.

Bielsa wouldn’t have appreciated it too much, though, and would surely have preferred not to lose one of his trusted right-hand men.

There is never any sitting back and feeling sorry for yourselves under El Loco and his team in West Yorkshire, though, and Flores will always be welcome back to Leeds if he wants to take that step again.

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