By David Woods

24th Jan, 2020 | 9:54am

'Commercial suicide' – Phil Hay claims reported Leeds forward deal makes no sense

Hull City manager Grant McCann stirred the transfer pot in his pre-match press conference on Thursday, when he said the club might have to sell Jarrod Bowen if he didn’t accept a new contract.

That was the first time that he had said Bowen might be sold and it got Leeds fans understandably excited.

The Sun had reported that Leeds were set to table a bid for Bowen that could reach £15m, with a £3m loan fee and a £12m obligation if Leeds get promoted.

However, talking on the latest episode of the Phil Hay Show on Thursday night, Hay said that he just couldn’t see how the deal would fly for Hull.

“Leeds would take Jarrod Bowen from Hull,” Hay said, “but I’m still to work out how on earth Hull sell that to their fans.

“The fact that they’d send Bowen here in the hope Leeds get promoted and pay a sizeable fee. It’s commercial suicide.

“Leeda are looking at paying huge fees, £20m+, but the problem there is if they were buying these players outright they’d be paying less cash.

“Because it’s on the never-never, a much smaller loan fee, and then more later, the clubs can’t use the money. The deal is in Leeds’ favour.”

If Bowen doesn’t accept a new contract then it looks like Hull will have to sell.

They have an option to extend his contract for a year in the summer but with just 12 months left his value would likely drop significantly from the £20m Hull currently want.

On one level it doesn’t seem to make sense for Hull to strengthen a promotion rival, but they might make the call that Leeds are going to end in the top-two and the play-offs at a minimum with or without Bowen.

Of course, a deal for Bowen would still leave Leeds United with a striker-shaped hole.

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