By David Woods

24th Mar, 2021 | 4:05pm

Burley Banksy reacts after seeing his Alioski mural vandalised by Leeds fan

Leeds United player Gjanni Alioksi has been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons over the past 24 hours. 

He’s reported to have signed a pre-contract agreement with Galatasaray and that’s seen him come in for a lot of abuse on social media. [Football Insider]

It also led to one of Andy McVeigh’s popular street murals being vandalised by a Leeds fan who posted a photo of it on Twitter himself before deleting his account.

The mural said, “We love Alioski because…” before being vandalised with the shocking graffiti.

McVeigh – also known as the Burley Bansky – was asked if he’d seen it and he replied saying, “Just now. Lovely fella who did that.”

Abuse must stop

There’s surely enough bad going on in the world at the moment without adding to it.

We can only assume this misguided fan thought that the Leeds supporters would be on his side, but the replies to his tweet made it very clear that he’s in the minority.

McVeigh puts so much work into these brilliant bits of street art and he’s quit before after vandals attacked his work.

Thankfully he came back and he makes the city a much better place.

This ugly hate goes against everything that Leeds stands for at the moment and the abuse of Alioski has to stop. There’s no place for it.

Have your opinion on the matter by all means but if it’s not going to add anything positive to the world, keep it to yourself.

And, if you think the graffiti above is acceptable, you’re not a true Leeds fan.

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