Broadcaster Mick Dennis has blasted Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa for not speaking English in his interviews with the media.

If Dennis knew anything about Leeds before the defeat to Liverpool on Saturday, he will know that Bielsa has used a translator for his media duties ever since arriving in West Yorkshire over two years ago.

Spanish-speaking Bielsa has already come out and explained that he simply doesn’t have the time to learn English and he would rather speak his own native tongue and use an interpreter than potentially miscommunicate something.

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It’s something that Dennis refuses to get his head around as he hit out at Bielsa in a rant on Twitter on Saturday evening.

Writing via his personal Twitter account, the former Sky Sports News and talkSPORT presenter said: “If Bielsa is the genius his fawning acolytes among my old media mates believe, shouldn’t he have mastered a bit of English in 27 months?”

Dennis continued his anti-Bielsa ramblings when a Leeds fan tried to explain why Bielsa chooses to speak Spanish to the media, saying: “That’s not ‘in fairness’. It’s a lame alibi. His compatriot Pochetino did that at start but then worked to improve enough to cope in English. Bielsa has interpreter for training.”

A lot of Leeds fans have, unsurprisingly, leapt to Bielsa’s defence and tried to explain to Dennis that it is not up to Bielsa to learn English simply to appease the media at the views at home.

Bielsa’s job is to win football matches for Leeds United.

Sure, it would be nice if he could speak fluent English but he’s such a master planner than he simply doesn’t have time for it and it’s better he has a translator to interpret his words rather than him speaking mixed and jumbled English.

Graham Smyth of the Yorkshire Evening Post suggested that Dennis’ rant was nothing more than showing his anti-Leeds views as the journalist responded to the broadcaster’s tweet by saying: “Coming over here, winning our Championship and entertaining our masses. T’int right, t’int fair, t’int proper.”

Dennis is just trying to be controversial to provoke a reaction, we think.

He’s obviously had a reaction because his rant about Bielsa is so uneducated and completely pointless.

Bielsa’s unique. Why should he have to conform to what every other non-English-speaking manager does when he heads to the Premier League?

There are clearly no communication issues within his squad and coaching team, so who really cares what language he speaks in to the press?

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