Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford has revealed morale in the squad is still high despite suffering three defeats in a row.

He also spoke of a new training method introduced by Marcelo Bielsa in what he viewed as an attempt to lift spirits.

The 27-year-old spoke about the latest defeat against Brighton and how the players are responding to the disappointing result and the performance that came with it.

On The Official Leeds United Podcast (10:13), Bamford said, “We knew that we weren’t good enough ourselves [vs Brighton].

“Since we’ve come back in it’s just been a steady build-up to the next game… today was weird as we just had a game of head tennis which is unheard of in our training.

“In general everyone is upbeat. At the start of the season if somebody said you’re gonna be 12th at this stage of the season with this many points everyone would be like ‘flipping heck, bite your hand off’.”

Leeds United

Gaining perspective

Every Leeds defeat hurts of course, particularly when they come in the manner of the losses against Crawley and Brighton.

However, Bamford is right to draw on the expectations people held at the beginning of the season, as it can be argued that we are still overachieving.

Bamford himself has proved doubters wrong with ten league goals, and if we can rediscover our mojo in the second half of the season there should be some excitement in store.

Bielsa’s decision to relax things in the camp with a game of head tennis is exactly what is needed, although the recent defeats are hardly disastrous.

We have three wins from our last six Premier League games while an 11-point gap to the bottom three means we don’t have to worry about relegation.

We all want improvement and for players to avoid repeating recent mistakes, but there is room for optimism.

Kalvin Phillips will be back next week and could be joined by Diego Llorente, so hopefully the pair will provide a boost and help us beat Newcastle.

In other Leeds United news, a 22 y/o Leeds attacker is waiting on a club to make move to seal January exit.


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