Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa is set for an appearance in court today – virtually, as is the way in today’s world – and could get a massive payout if he wins his case against former club Lille. 

Bielsa is looking for close to £17m in damages, which would be the second-biggest payout in French football history since Laurent Blanc took nearly £18m from PSG.

Get French Football News claim, “Unless the two parties reach a settlement agreement ahead of today’s proceedings, scheduled for 13:00 local time, Les Dogues are facing a huge financial hit.”

Lille have said they were justified in sacking Bielsa for “serious fault” after he refused instructions and “adopted a systematic attitude of defiance, opposition and disrespect towards ex-president Gérard Lopez and Marc Ingla, Director General.”

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Shorter press conference?

This won’t have any effect on Bielsa at Leeds, although we’ve obviously got a horse in this race and would love Bielsa to come out on top.

He’s proved at Leeds that he’s a not only a man of honour and integrity but also one of the world’s best coaches.

The only effect that this might have is on today’s press conference.

The court case is set for 2pm UK time so Bielsa will have to be done by that time, with an update expected on Kalvin Phillips ahead of Sunday’s game against Arsenal.

It’s also not a great time for him to be tied up in legal wranglings when he could be out on the pitch at Thorp Arch giving our players instructions ahead of the Premier League clash.

We would have loved to be a fly on the wall at Lille, though. One of the other defences for Lille is that Bielsa used “insulting words towards several people”.

It’s not something we could ever imagine happening at Leeds.

Hopefully, Bielsa comes out with the verdict and gets a huge injection into his bank account.

A happy Bielsa is a happy Leeds.

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