BBC Sport pundit Garth Crooks has blasted Leeds United ace Ezgjan Alioski for going down too easily after being headbutted by Nicolas Pepe on Sunday.

After a VAR review, Pepe was sent off for violent conduct for leaving Alioski on the ground, clutching his face.

Even though Alioski was headbutted by an opposing player, ex-Stoke and Tottenham forward Crooks has decided to tear into the North Macedonia international.

Arsenal were already down to 10 men and on the rack when Gabriel spread himself in a desperate attempt to block a shot in the final minutes of the game against Leeds, epitomising his efforts. The blow would have left most players in a heap but Gabriel just needed a moment or two to recover,” Crooks wrote on the BBC Sport website.

“What a contrast to see Ezgjan Alioski go down as though he had been hit by a train in order to get Nicolas Pepe sent off after the slightest contact.

“Pepe was stupid enough to fall for Alioski’s earlier provocation, of course, but to go down like that – really? The Leeds defender needs to have a word with himself.”

Is Crooks serious?

Is he seriously having a go at a player who’s been headbutted rather than condemning the player who actually did the headbutt?

How many times do we hear fans, pundits, managers, journalists saying that if a player had gone down, he might have won a foul?

Refereeing is at such a bad and inconsistent standard that players must go down to the floor, otherwise incidents are simply not looked at.

If Pepe headbutted Alioski and he stayed on his feet and just walked away. What would have happened? Absolutely nothing.

A headbutt is a headbutt. It’s violent conduct and guess what, Garth? Violent conduct consistutes a red card.

Alioski’s reaction might have been a little but over the top but it wasn’t anything near as bad as what we see by other players.

And, at the end of the day, headbutts hurt. Who’s to say that headbutt didn’t actually hurt Alioski?

Crooks is without doubt one of the most baffling pundits out there.

In other Leeds United news, Martin Tyler and Gary Neville were concerned about this player suffering an injury against Arsenal.


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