By Craig Scott

16th Dec, 2021 | 7:40am

Andy Goldstein blasts back as Leeds United fan defends Marcelo Bielsa on talkSPORT

Andy Goldstein blasted a Leeds United fan on talkSPORT after he defended Marcelo Bielsa’s style of play at Elland Road.

Leeds were battered by Manchester City on Tuesday night as Bielsa’s injury-stricken side were beaten 7-0 at the Emirates.

It’s been an underwhelming start to the season due to continual injury issues, leading to increased criticism about Bielsa.

On Wednesday, Leeds fan Simon called talkSPORT to hit back at the critics but Goldstein couldn’t agree with him.

As shown in a clip on the talkSPORT Twitter account, Simon said: “The man has been in charge of us for 160 games and we’ve probably had 10 bad games.

“He is fantastic and I love the guy. I won’t have a bad word said about him.

“He’s a fantastic coach and the football Leeds have been playing is absolutely outstanding.”

Goldstein hit back, saying: “No, it’s not. Sorry, you’ve won three games all season.”

Patronising prats

If you watch the video clip in full, you’ll see Darren Bent and Goldstein’s facial expressions and what they’re doing while Simon is talking about Bielsa.

This Leeds fan has taken time out of his day to go on radio and provide talkSPORT with free content for their shows.

Yet if you watch the clip, you see Goldstein rolling his eyes and acting in a real patronising way towards Simon while Bent sits there laughing and yawning.

Both of them should be showing the caller some respect because all he’s doing is defending his club’s manager and we really admire him for doing that.

Bielsa has done a magnificent job at Leeds.

It hasn’t gone too well this season but right now we’re talking about a team that narrowly lost to European champions Chelsea on the road on Saturday before being thrashed by the Premier League champions at the Etihad on Tuesday.

We’re suffering from an injury crisis too and none of that can be ignored.

Man City could beat most teams in this league by the margin they beat us on Tuesday.

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