By Mark Smith

1st Jun, 2023 | 6:10pm

Andrea Radrizzani leaves Angus Kinnear and Paraag Marathe stunned with Leeds United twist

Andrea Radrizzani left Paraag Marathe and Angus Kinnear floored after Leeds United news emerged on his Elland Road scheme, according to Beren Cross.

It has been reported by The Athletic that the Italian planned to use the stadium as collateral to secure a £26million bank loan to help his purchase of Sampdoria.

The Leeds Live journalist insisted that the boardroom duo could not believe he could even propose to even do that without letting them know overnight.

Writing on his personal Twitter account, Cross shared the latest coming out of the Elland Road boardroom overnight in yet another new twist.

“Paraag Marathe and Angus Kinnear first heard of Andrea Radrizzani’s Elland Road scheme last night,” he wrote.

“Dumbfounded, floored, blindsided. They were amazing he could even propose it without them.”

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Wow, if the relationships in the boardroom and to the fans were not fractured before, Radrizzani has made sure they have been completely obliterated.

How on earth did he think this would be a good idea? The proposed takeover of Sampdoria over the weekend that Leeds were relegated from the Premier League was bad enough.

Now, he is looking to use this great club as a weapon for his own investments, although that looks to have been made impossible, thankfully.

Elland Road is an Asset of Community Value, which should go a long way to preventing this, and this has to be the final straw which sees the Italian leave.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t made it very clear with his latest messages whether that will happen, with it looking as though a stay is more likely.

This cannot be allowed to happen, the 49ers Enterprises have to step in now.

In other Leeds United news, a sale of the club could now be a year away after the latest open secret