Arsenal might have beaten Leeds United at the Emirates on Sunday but at least we’re not the numpties. 

One Arsenal fan, perhaps emboldened by a rare win, phoned talkSPORT to launch a bizarre and inaccurate rant against Bielsa after the game on Sunday.

Today, on the Breakfast show (Monday, 8am), he was nominated for Numpty of the Week in a unanimous decision.

Chris, the Arsenal fan, said: “Bielsa has never won a trophy and he’s never actually been considered a for a high-end job, considering the Chelsea job came up not so long ago and he wasn’t even mentioned.

“What is it that’s so great about this man because I don’t see it?

“At some stage, there has to be an end product, he has to win something.”

talkSPORT producer Sam Ellard kicked things off by saying, “The idea that Bielsa is a myth… I mean, 16 managers came and failed to get Leeds promoted. He did it on a limited budget in two seasons winning a trophy by the way in the process. He’s also won trophies in Argentina.

“Now, newly-promoted Leeds, as we enter the final stages of the season, are five points off a European spot. To call him a myth is absolutely outrageous.”

“So you’re ruining one listener”, said Natalie Sawyer.

“I’m giving it to Chris,” said Ally McCoist.

“Regardless of what he’s won, they’re the best team to watch in the Premier League.

“As a neutral, you want to watch them home and away. 4-0 down, 4-2, they’re back, that’s what you want. Chris, you’re my Numpty of the Week.”

Sawyer apologised to Chris and then also nominated him in a clean sweep.

Leeds United

Tough times for the Gooners

Putting to one side the fact that Bielsa won the Championship trophy six months ago, basing how good you are as a manager on what you’ve won is completely reductive thinking. Is Arteta no good until he’s won a trophy?

Bielsa was short-listed for manager of the year by FIFA and while he didn’t win that either, the fact that he did it while managing at a second-tier club says everything you need to know.

We’re not entirely sure why Arsenal fans want to put Bielsa down after winning at the Emirates.

We appreciate it’s tough times for them at the moment and battling newly-promoted teams for 10th place must feel like it’s below them but that’s where we are.

Arsenal have spent umpteen hundreds of million more than Leeds have over the past few years and have won nothing.

If we were gambling men we’d put a hefty wager down that Leeds will win something before Arsenal do.

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