Marcelo Bielsa cut a very jolly figure in Thursday’s press conference and he seems to be thoroughly enjoying life at Leeds United at the moment. 

And Sky Sports journalist Jim White noticed something unusual after Bielsa was left laughing as a journalist tried to ask a question while he was on mute in the Zoom call.

As relayed by Football Daily, White said, “Actually, something quite rare happened in the news conference, Bielsa and his translator couldn’t hear a question and that led to Marcelo speaking English.”

You can hear Bielsa’s reaction in the video clip below and after he’s stopped laughing he says, “Excuse me, I don’t listen.”

So good to see

Bielsa wears his heart on his sleeve in these press conferences.

When things aren’t going well he can be curt and testy. When he feels that Leeds are getting unfair criticism from the media he lets them know in no uncertain terms.

But the one thing that is a constant is that he talks through his translator.

In his press conference yesterday, Bielsa claimed that reports from Argentina that he was close to signing a new two-year contract were false.

However, given his current demeanour and how well Leeds are doing, there doesn’t seem to be anything to worry about in terms of him staying on.

Athletic journalist Phil Hay noticed this as well saying, “Have to say though, he looks evermore happy here. Full of smiles and jokes.”

You have to remember that while this season has been brilliant for Leeds, it’s been a real vindication for Bielsa and his credentials as a manager.

He only ever talks about team but you know that succeeding in the Premier League is important for him.

Bringing up a side from the Championship and playing his style of football was always going to be high-risk and you can imagine how the media would have reacted if it had been a disaster.

Whatever happens between now and the end of the season, Bielsa-ball has been a resounding success in the top-flight and a win against Liverpool would really kick-start a late European push.

If that happens, we imagine a lot of clubs will be interested in Bielsa’s services but we think there’s zero chance of him moving anywhere else.

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