BBC journalist Adam Pope has said that he still thinks Leeds United will get promoted this season but is less confident that the remaining fixtures will play out with fans in attendance. 

The Championship season has been suspended with nine games to play, with April 30 cited as the earliest re-start date.

Leeds are top of the league by a single point over West Brom but are seven points clear of Fulham.

Talking on the latest episode of the Square Ball podcast, Pope said, “I’ve got to say, six days ago I was really confident. My thinking was the season would finish with fans, maybe not as soon as April 4.

“Having been off for a few days and listening and watching things you wonder if that will be the case. There’s been more talk of behind closed doors but I feel you’ve got to get to the end of the season and that’s not because of the Leeds situation. I just think it’s so important we get closure.

“Even if it got pushed to July or August I’d still back Leeds to finish the job. Fitness levels will be a real help and they won’t lose those completely. And the fact they know how to train, know what’s required to maintain that level, then that will help them massively over these weeks and months.

“Listening to Patrick Bamford last night on the BBC they’re trying to load up their training as much as they much so they don’t have to spend too long getting back to match fitness. I think Leeds will be highly monitored and highly ready to get back into it.”

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The Bamford interview on the Monday Night Club was great.

The Leeds striker spoke positively about the ongoing situation and how the Leeds players were ensuring they kept their fitness levels up.

The players are being monitored through the Adidas Running app and weighing themselves every morning.

It’s got to be tough keeping the focus without a re-start date, although the most likely scenario at the moment is playing behind closed doors, with June 1 being mooted as a possible start date.

All teams will be in the same boat – all training grounds have been shut down – and we think that the Leeds backroom staff will have an advantage over other teams.

The motivation is there for Leeds, with promotion beckoning. We imagine it will be much harder to motivate players who have nothing to play for in the remaining nine fixtures.

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