By David Woods

4th Jun, 2020 | 12:31pm

'Received the papers' – Club CEO confirms Leeds season-ending vote with no relegation on table

Portsmouth CEO Mark Catlin has said that clubs received their voting papers from the EFL on Wednesday, which means that a decision will finally be made on how to end the season next Tuesday.

The plan in the Championship is to play on, but if that proves impossible then this vote will ratify the framework of rules for what happens next.

The five other options that the EFL have put forward for voting are as follows, according to Sun journalist Alan Nixon.

  1. No relegation anywhere
  2. Points-per-game alternatives
  3. How to work out PPG if there’s been a points penalty
  4. No relegation in League Two
  5. Play-offs in League One

Nixon claims the EFL is “listening to all ideas” but he still thinks that the EFL’s plan for unweighted points-per-game, with promotion and relegation, will win through.

Talking on the White & Sawyer Show (talkSPORT, Thursday, 10am), Catlin said, “We received all the papers late afternoon, early evening last night, so it’s full-steam ahead for a decision on Tuesday.

“As much as possible they’ve let the clubs try to work it out themselves. That transpired it wasn’t going to happen so the EFL has had to step in.

“All I’ll say it’s been a very difficult thing and there are clubs calling for no relegation.”

All 71 clubs will vote on the proposals and a decision should be made by next Tuesday. Following that, the clubs will split into leagues and vote on whether to play on or not.

While it looks like the Championship will vote to play on, the one option Leeds will be keen to avoid is no relegation anywhere.

That would give the Premier League clubs the opportunity to use that as a precedent to block relegation from the top-flight.

With little prospect of an expanded Premier League, that would be a massive blow for the prospects of Leeds going up.

We hope Nixon is right and that the upshot is unweighted points-per-game.

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