By David Woods

23rd May, 2020 | 4:26pm

'Very soon' – Reliable journalist delivers major boost for Leeds promotion bid

Sun journalist Alan Nixon has said that the EFL is set to give contact training the go-ahead “very soon”. 

Nixon was responding to a fan on his personal Twitter account who asked whether it was realistic for the EFL to be looking at a restart date of June 12 in the Championship, given that it “remains unclear” when contact training can commence.

Full-contact training would represent an absolutely massive boost for Leeds United and its bid to win promotion on the field.

Nixon also said that the majority of the teams in the Championship want to play on, with the EFL recommending that it would only take 51% of clubs to agree to end the season early.

However, Nixon also said that he “wouldn’t discount some switching camp during next week or so. Hopefully fair play will be considered. And paying back the TV companies if they don’t.”

The vote on the new recommendations is set to take place by Tuesday with the EFL set to ratify the new plans by June 1.

It’s important to remember, though, that at present the clubs are only voting on the recommendations.

If there was to be a vote to end the season early, that wouldn’t come until after June 1 and it’s not clear how a vote could come about.

It might have to be put in place by the EFL if they concede that fixtures can’t be played.

One thing is certain – a return to contact training is a massive step towards getting back on the pitch.

We’re hoping that Nixon has either got some insight into what the government is planning or an early glimpse at the first round of Coronavirus testing by the EFL.

The results of that are set to be announced for Championship players and staff tomorrow, and if they’re as positive as the Premier League then the next stage of training will be one step closer.

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