By David Woods

16th Jan, 2020 | 6:51pm

The question that made Bielsa really mad in his Leeds press conference

Marcelo Bielsa started off his Leeds United press conference on Thursday with the air of a man with something on his mind. 

Over the course of the next 45 minutes he seemed to get more and more irritable, and ended up accusing Yorkshire Evening Post journalist Graham Smyth of not asking an “innocent question”.

We’ve seen Bielsa like this a couple of times and he’s obviously feeling the pressure at the moment.

He started off his press conference (Thursday, live in the LUFC app, 12.30pm), by railing against Arsenal’s decision to recall Nketiah.

He said Leeds had done all they had promised and that the decision to recall him was “unfair”. It’s been decided that Nketiah will now stay at Arsenal for the rest of the season.

That shows that finding a replacement for Nketiah isn’t proving easy and Bielsa said any replacement would take time getting up to speed and adapting in a new team.

It was a question about Under-23 striker Ryan Edmondson that first set Bielsa off.

He was asked why he wasn’t using Edmondson, given Leeds’ obvious problems up front.

Bielsa launched into an angry response, saying, “Thirty-five players are working with us and we look at every one. After that, I choose who I think are the best players. Maybe Edmondson is the best goalscorer on the team, he should play instead of Bamford and I’m wrong.”

We quite like the fierce Bielsa, who comes out every now and again, but it’s not a particularly good sign of the state of play in the January window.

And we think Bielsa didn’t really answer the question about Edmondson fully.

No one is suggesting that he should start in front of Bamford. The real question is why he’s not even making the bench when Bamford is the only striker fit at the club at the moment.

However, the question that made him really mad was the one from Smyth, who asked if Bielsa was an easy man to work with in January.

“Watch the players we have in the group,” said Bielsa [as quoted by Leeds Live]. “After you are going to find the answers to your question.

“Casilla is one player who Victor brought. Marcos and Victor suggest to bring Meslier. Ayling was in the club, Dallas was in the club, Cooper, Berardi both in the club.

“White is a pity, but Victor brought him up one year earlier and I didn’t consider him. Shaughnessy and Jansson relied on. Phillips, Klich, Pablo, Tyler, Forshaw all here.

“Harrison is one option Victor proposed and I accepted, the same with Bamford. The same with Nketiah. I don’t find one reason where I was very demanding in this because the question you asked is not innocent. Your question has a second objective.

“Players don’t arrive because I am very selective or very demanding. The opposite is players don’t arrive because Victor doesn’t give us options. The club not investing is the third option. You can take conclusions of three options without asking me.”

Spiky. And he came across as a man with the weight of the world on his shoulders. We know how he’s feeling at the moment with the stress of the striker search affecting all Leeds fans.

Hopefully, there’s better news to come after the game on Saturday.

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