By David Woods

1st Mar, 2021 | 7:38am

'Terrible' – Chris Sutton slams player he claims cheated v Leeds

Chris Sutton has declared Southampton midfielder Nathan Tella as the winner of the weekly Simulation Game on his BBC 606 show after his shocking dive against Leeds United.

Tella went down under a challenge from Diego Llorente in the game and a penalty was awarded.

However, Andre Marriner was asked to look at the incident again by VAR and subsequently overruled his on-pitch decision.

He didn’t award Tella a yellow card for diving.

On the 606 show on Sunday night, Sutton and Robbie Savage looked at all the dives from the past week and Tella’s dive was declared the worst.

“We’ll track them down. We will hunt them,” said Sutton.

“I’m going to go for Nathan Tella, you need telling off Tella, that was a terrible dive.

“You’re better than that. You may be a young man but this is a little shot across the bows saying don’t do that again.

“Stop it, you’re better than that Nathan Tella, you’ve won the award no one wants to win.”

Where was the yellow?

VAR gets a lot of criticism but the Tella incident highlights why it’s necessary.

Some elements of VAR need tweaking but this is why we have it.

It’s sad that players will still cheat to try to win games but what disappointed us most from the game last week was the fact that Marriner didn’t give Tella a yellow card.

Not punishing him almost gives him the blessing to carry on doing what he did against Llorente. Marriner may have forgotten but surely VAR can advise him on the correct course of action?

We’d go as far as to say that players should be suspended for blatant dives like this one.

That, along with a big fine, could actually wipe simulation from the game.

Being shamed on slow-motion replays obviously isn’t enough.

Thankfully, the officials and VAR got his one right and Leeds went on to record an easy 3-0 win.

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