Leeds United are set to find out exactly how the Premier League will deal with the issue of curtailment on Thursday, according to the Telegraph’s chief football correspondent Jason Burt.

He claims that this is now on the agenda for the Premier League meeting later this week and that it could be the most heated issue of the day.

He said that taking relegation off the table – an outcome that could be disastrous for Leeds – would be discussed.

However, there’s a paragraph that delivers a major boost to Leeds.

Burt wrote: “The Football Association, through its chairman Greg Clarke, has reiterated that relegation must go ahead under the tripartite agreement that exists between the FA, the Premier League and the English Football League. At least one club intends to question that but it is unlikely to be opposed.”

Burt also claimed that three clubs would come away from the call knowing they will be relegated if the season doesn’t finish.

He went on to say that the only way the Premier League could be curtailed is through health and safety, unlike in the EFL where a free vote will be held and could take in economic factors.

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All eyes will be on the Premier League meeting on Thursday now but it sounds like the idea of scrapping relegation is a non-runner.

Leeds fans were worried by comments from Premier League CEO Richard Masters last week when he said taking relegation off the table was still a possibility.

However, Burt claims just one club will push for this and it seems that everyone else is in line with the FA, that relegation and promotion must happen.

There could still be a move to block promotion from the Championship if that doesn’t play to a finish, but we think that seems unlikely to succeed.

The two competitions are run by separate governing bodies and a call to decide what happens in the Championship is unlikely to hold much weight if the Premier League finishes and three teams are in the relegation spots as agreed in Thursday’s meeting.

There’s so much for Leeds fans to keep track of at the moment – it’s the most bizarre end to the season ever – but all the pieces continue to line up for the Whites at the moment.

Thursday’s Premier League decision is set to be another important milestone.

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