Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford has said he didn’t think that he would play against Fulham and that he’s been struggling with fitness since. 

However, he’s hoping to be back in training this week and he’s not expecting any long-term problems for what he called “overuse” in his calf.

Talking on the Official Leeds United podcast, Bamford said, “Two days after the game [against Fulham] I was struggling to walk. I was in a right pickle.

“I’m a little bit better now but I went into the game and I didn’t expect… I know Marcelo Bielsa did the press conference the week before and said I’d be fit and expected to play, but I didn’t think I’d be able to play.

“Even after the fitness test at the hotel on the morning of the game, I thought I was going to struggle.

“My fitness coach said, ‘No, you’ll be alright’. I said ‘I’m struggling’, he said ‘Trust me you’ll be fine’.

“In my head, I thought there was no way I could play but I’m glad they pushed me.

“My calf is sore, but there’s no tear. It’s a bit of overuse, it’s basically overcompensating, but it’ll be alright. We had Saturday, Sunday and Monday off – had a scan Monday, went in for some treatment and I’ve had treatment the last few days. I’ll probably train the back end of this week.”


Fulham display looks even better now

Bamford’s brilliant performance against Fulham looks even better when you put it into the context of his injury.

It sounds like he was close to not playing but fired back with a goal and an assist in a match-winning display.

It also looks like the international break has come at the right time for him and that he wouldn’t have been able to play against San Marino even if he had made the England squad.

From a Leeds perspective, it’s much better that he’s had time to rest and that he’ll have a full week of training before our next game against Sheffield United.

We can’t overestimate how important he is to this Leeds side and there’s no real back-up if he is out injured.

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