Sky Sports has announced that the Leeds United game against Arsenal on Sunday afternoon is going to be available in VR.

Sky VIP customers can now watch selected Premier League games and the Arsenal game is one of the ones selected for the special treatment.

With a standalone Oculus Quest headset, you can “hop around the ground to watch the action from amazing new viewing positions, recreating the experience of attending games in the highest visual quality available in VR.”

“Sky Worlds is a fantastic example of how technology can help replicate real-life experiences and create truly transformative viewing experiences, something that is so important right now given the limitations fans have attending live events in person,” said Matt McCartney, Head of Immersive Technology at Sky.

There’s a video on the Sky Sports website that shows you a mock-up of how it works.

leeds united

Future is expensive

What we wouldn’t give to be at the Emirates on Sunday cheering on Raphinha’s latest meg.

VR might be a pale imitation of the real thing but the Oculus Quest is surprisingly immersive and this is definitely better than watching on straight TV.

The downside? There aren’t many Leeds fans who will have the technology they need to watch it in VR and the Quest headset is pretty expensive at £299.

It’s not just for Sky Sports, though. You can get lots of games for the Quest that you can play without the need for a console.

We’re lucky enough to have one and we’re excited by the news for Sunday’s game.

VR is the future. It might be in its infancy at the moment but it’s the future of gaming and with no fans in grounds, there’s a huge opportunity in sports that Sky are looking to capitalise on.

It might not be the same as standing at Elland Road with the limbs and the noise but at the moment it’s the next best thing.

The Oculus is available from Amazon and all big electrical stores.

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