By Craig Scott

7th Mar, 2022 | 6:15am

Richard Keys and Andy Gray baffled by video clip of Jesse Marsch after Leeds United loss v Leicester City

Richard Keys and Andy Gray were baffled by Jesse March’s decision to get the Leeds United players to form a huddle on the pitch after their 1-0 defeat at Leicester on Saturday.

Harvey Barnes’ 67th-minute goal proved to be the difference as the Whites lost at the King Power Stadium in Marsch’s first game in charge.

After full-time, Marsch got his players together to give them a motivational talk, which led to a lot of confusion from beIN SPORTS hosts Keys and Gray.

As shown in a clip on beIN SPORTS’ Twitter account on 6 March as the huddle took place, Keys said: “Now, up until this point I think he’s made some good decisions apart from [Tyler] Roberts, obviously, he impressed me in his press conference but I am beginning to wonder what this is and why?

Gray replied: “Well, it’s a huddle. They’re going to get a huddle.”

Keys butted in to say: “Do it in the dressing room.”

Gray then continued: “They’re going to have a huddle, have a chat. There you go.”

Ex-Sky Sports host Keys then said: “I knew that was what was developing. My question more is why?

“Do that in the dressing room, get yourselves in, get Roberts on a treatment table, talk about the game.”

Gray suggested that the huddle was being done on the pitch “for effect”. Keys replied: “Well, who’s it impressing? Certainly not me.”

Former Aston Villa striker Gray said: “Well maybe the Leeds fans are loving it? I don’t know.

“I’ll phone a couple of the later and ask them how they feel but it’s quite strange.”

Keys then finished off the clip by calling Marsch “the new Phil Brown” and saying: “It’s just odd for me, I don’t understand.”

Was it weird?

Marsch is always going to find it tough to win over the dinosaurs of English football simply due to the fact that he’s American.

If an English manager did that after a game, would people be as baffled?

Marsch uses different terms to us and may have a different way of coaching.

However, Marcelo Bielsa did as well. Most of his press conferences, even after being translated, were a bit hard to follow because of the words that he’d use would be different to what we’d hear from English managers.

But what’s the issue?

If Marsch felt as though the best way to motivate his players was to do something like that in front of the packed away end at Leicester, then so be it.

No, it’s not common to see a manager do that.

However, it was a manager’s first game in charge and he liked what he saw from his new players despite them losing against a decent side.

Do what you feel you have to do, Jesse. We’re all behind you.

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