By David Woods

9th Nov, 2020 | 8:35am

'Really upset me' – McCoist reacts as Man Utd fan cancels Sky Sports sub after Leeds incident

The fallout from the decision to rule out Patrick Bamford’s goal against Crystal Palace on Saturday is still reverberating after Leeds United lost 4-1 at Selhurst Park.

Almost everyone – from Gary Lineker to Troy Deeney – has said that the decision was ludicrous.

And one Man United fan called James phoned talkSPORT this morning (Monday, 8am) to say that he’s cancelled his Sky Sports subscription on the back of it.

“Watching football now, VAR is running at it,” James said. “I’m screaming at the TV. I watched you on Sky Sports on Saturday Ally and how you managed to keep your composure there. He can’t be offside, come on.

“The conversations going on in the VAR room must be hilarious. Every game as a fan you think that VAR will make some ridiculous decision. Watching it live it must be even worse.”

Ally McCoist responded to James saying, “I couldn’t agree with you more. It really upset me. Patrick Bamford was denied a goal and it was a brilliant goal. He was denied the goal by an outstretched arm. I felt cheated, I really did.”

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Things have to change

Former referee Mark Halsey was also on talkSPORT and he agreed with McCoist saying, “It’s nonsense, absolute nonsense.”

When the noise is this loud and you can see that everyone – from fans to pundits and former referees – is saying the same thing, it’s surely time to act?

We don’t have an issue with VAR itself but how the laws are being interpreted.

When you’re talking about millimetres on the fabric of an outstretched arm, it’s clear that things have gone wrong somewhere.

Why not just do it from where the feet are? And why not take away the lines and say that unless it’s a clear and obvious error to the naked eye, that the decision of the on-field referee should remain?

Some people might say that it will all even out and that no clubs will suffer more than any others.

But that’s not the point. So many people felt cheated after the Bamford incident on Saturday and you shouldn’t have a game that’s overshadowed by a decision that wasn’t even made by the ref.

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