By David Woods

29th Jun, 2020 | 2:15pm

'Oof, no holding back' – Adam Pope reacts to brutal Fulham fan report that Leeds fans will love

Is it possible to feel just a little bit of sympathy for Fulham fans after their side was dismantled by Leeds United on Saturday?

To be honest, most of our goodwill disintegrated after Aleksandar Mitrovic elbowed Ben White after just 86 seconds of the game at Elland Road.

White got up, dusted himself off and put in a man-of-the-match-worthy performance as Leeds smashed their promotion rivals.

It was a masterclass from Leeds and from Marcelo Bielsa, who made two changes at half-time that completely took Fulham out of the game.

One Fulham fan delivered a brutally honest assessment of the game and it led BBC Radio Leeds journalist Adam Pope to say, ‘Oof! No holding back with that article.”

The article kicked off by saying, “We were anticipating a spirited reaction after falling short of the mark against Brentford, but we were eventually force-fed the usual tripe as Marcelo Bielsa’s table-toppers proved our spinelessness on Sky Sports.”

And he went on to destroy Fulham under Scott Parker and praise Leeds.

“I’ll ignore those saying ‘it definitely wasn’t a 3-0 game’, because it was, unmistakably, a stone-walled 3-0 loss. The Bees exposed faults and Leeds drove a whacking great wedge through our chances of gracing the automatics. Even if we do miraculously make the cut, we won’t be deserved of it.”

He said “we’ve been found out” by Leeds and said, “Leeds cancelled out any semblance of an even top of the table clash with devastatingly incisive counter attacks.”

On the Mitrovic elbow, he said that the striker absolutely deserved retrospective action and that his side would be “well and truly shafted” without him.

What a brilliant and brutal article. It’s great to see fans who wipe away the partisan nature of football to deliver an honest view of what happened on the pitch.

Leeds showed they are ready for a return to the Premier League. Fulham showed they would have real problems if they get through the play-offs.

Their top-two prospects are in tatters after the 3-0 hammering and they could even struggle to hold onto the top six if Mitrovic is banned for the rest of the season – something that must be a possibility with his violent history.

We can’t feel sorry for Fulham after what he did but we can spare a thought for the Fulham fans who saw their season blow-up on Saturday.

We know what that feels like and this isn’t the season to stay in the Championship.

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