Leeds United have always said they want to win promotion on the pitch and we fully expect them to vote for the season to be continued, rather than trying to confirm it now on points-per-game.

And if that’s true for Andrea Radrizzani and Angus Kinnear, then it seems it’s doubly true for Marcelo Bielsa.

So much so that Athletic journalist Phil Hay claims that the club hasn’t even broached the subject with him.

Talking on the latest episode of the Phil Hay Show on Friday, Hay said, “Leeds have not broached the subject of points-per-game with Bielsa as they know he would not be in favour of it.

“He really wouldn’t be keen on that unless it was the last resort.”

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We imagine that this lockdown period has been particularly hard for Bielsa.

He lives for football and even after being given the option to return to Argentina to be with his family, Bielsa decided to stay in his small flat in Wetherby.

The first day back at Thorp Arch saw him striding into work. You have to feel sorry for the players.

But, while some managers have been moaning about the rest of the season, whether it’s too soon, or not safe, Bielsa has just focussed on the football.

He’s had time on his hands too and has reportedly spent it studying set pieces from the top five leagues in Europe (and the Championship).

We’ll expect to see more variety in corners and free-kicks when the action kicks off again.

In all seriousness, though, Leeds couldn’t ask for a better manager at the moment – on the pitch or off the pitch.

We desperately hope his second season at Leeds has the ending he deserves.

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