By Dave Woods

25th Nov, 2019 | 9:55am

MOT Tactics: Leeds still have one big problem that Bielsa needs to sort fast

One stat from Leeds United’s win against Luton should stand out like a sore thumb to Marcelo Bielsa. Leeds had eight corners and not a single one led to an attempt on goal. 

Luton, by way of contrast, had four corners and three led to an attempt on goal. They scored from one but it was flagged for offside.

That’s been the story of the season for Leeds from the corner spot. Marcelo Bielsa flagged it as an issue back in October but Leeds are still plugging away with the exact same strategy – Kalvin Phillips lumping it into the box and hoping for the best.

Leeds aren’t the tallest side and it very rarely works. Leeds have had 117 corners this season and only scored from one of them.

That suggests that Leeds need to switch it up and for a side that favours possession and intricate passing, we can’t understand why they don’t go short every now and again.

Phillips was sloppy on Saturday. Two of his corners didn’t clear the first man, one led directly to a Luton counter-attack and none of them found a Leeds player.

When you have eight corners and the only attacking threat happens in your half, something surely needs to change.

The same thing happened with free-kicks on Saturday. Leeds had three, Phillips took them all and they were a carbon copy of the corners – Phillips puts his arm in the air and then floats the ball into the box.

None of the free-kicks led to an attempt on goal and none of them found a Leeds man. The last, late on in the second half of the game summed up Phillips’ afternoon from set-pieces. From the byline, he raised his arm and then failed to get the ball past the first man.

We really want to see Bielsa mix things up, starting at Reading on Tuesday.

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