Simon Jordan has said that if the Premier League wants to ‘pull up the drawbridge’ and block relegation and promotion, they will do it.

And, in a comment that will set off alarms at Leeds United, Jordan said he thinks that no relegation is a ‘very realistic’ option.

No relegation has been talked about a lot this week after a report that said some of the bottom clubs in the top flight would only vote to play at neutral venues if relegation was taken off the table.

Talking on the White & Sawyer Show (talkSPORT, Tuesday, 10.30am), Jordan said, “Two things. The integrity… the idea you can hand Liverpool the title without relegating makes a mockery of the game.

“But any changes, any riding roughshod over the rules, such as playing in neutral grounds, is going to breach the integrity of the league.

“If the PL want to pull up the drawbridge they will. No relegation is very realistic.”

Jordan had a fascinating solution to the problem.

He said it’s all about money and claimed that if the Premier League doubled the parachute payments for a year, the clubs at the bottom would toe the line and play at neutral venues.

So much for it being about sporting integrity.

However, from a Leeds’ perspective, at least in the short term, anything to stop the season getting effectively voided is the key.

Parachute payments are another topic altogether. They maintain inequality in the Championship and have helped contribute to Leeds staying whether they have for so long.

However, if Leeds get promoted this season, then the club will suddenly find themselves on the right side of the financial chasm.

It’s no coincidence that so much talk has happened this week. Everyone is getting their ducks in line ahead of what’s seen as a critical Premier League meeting on Monday.

That vote will potentially decide what happens to the rest of the 19/20 season down the entire football league pyramid.

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