If Leeds United fans thought they were in for an easy ride to promotion, it seems there will be more twists and turns along the way.

The latest report from senior journalists Matt Law and John Percy in the Telegraph makes for distinctly queasy reading.

They claim that Premier League clubs are ready to oppose promotion from the Championship if the remaining fixtures aren’t completed and the Premier League plays to a conclusion.

The report claims that this subject was brought up in the Premier League meeting on Monday and that “Championship clubs are aware of the threat heading into Wednesday’s EFL meeting.”

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Ironically, Leeds are being used as the illustration.

Leeds were in the automatic promotion spots at this stage last season, two points ahead of Sheffield United.

We know what happened next but the Premier League sides are saying it would be unfair to promote the top two with nine games to go, while relegating sides from the top flight who might have been saved using the same methodology to decide the table.

And, while the FA has said they would veto no promotion or relegation, the Telegraph claims Premier League sides think that could be challenged based on a precedent when the FA cancelled non leagues without promotion or relegation.

MOT View – Really?

This is really stretching things.

First off, Leeds were only two points clear of Sheffield United last season. They’re seven points clear of Fulham this season.

In addition, the Premier League is the Premier League.

It should be of no interest to Premier League clubs what the EFL decide to do in the Championship. With all due respect we’d say, ‘Wind your necks in’.

If the Premier League plays out and the season is finished then three teams have to come down if there’s any interest in sporting integrity.

This is obviously coming from clubs down the bottom looking to agitate again and we’re confident that the Premier League and the FA will have the power to bat away any protests.

Do we want to test out these theories in the courts? Ideally not and it would be a very unedifying spectacle to see relegated teams trying save their skins by any means necessary.

However, that could be what happens. Both the EFL and the Premier League want to finish the season. That is still the best possible route to Leeds getting promoted.

We should find out more from the EFL meeting tomorrow.

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