The first wave of Coronavirus testing was completed on Friday as Championship clubs prepare for results that could have a huge impact on whether Leeds United get the go-ahead to restart their season.

In a new statement released by the EFL, it was stated that Championship clubs will get the results on Sunday, May 24.

They said that they would announce the number of tests taken and the number of positive results, although they wouldn’t get into individual club data.

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This is a major milestone in the gradual move to getting the Leeds United season going again.

The first round of Premier League testing was described as a “massive positive” for the return of the top-flight by Jamie Carragher.

There were just six positive votes from a total of 748 tests – less than 1% of the total.

Leeds will be hoping to see similar numbers in the Championship.

What would be a problem? Carragher said that 20 or 30 positive tests would have represented a real problem for the return of the Premier League.

The EFL has said that individual club data won’t be released by them but it is likely to come out afterwards if the precedent set by the Premier League is anything to go on.

It was reported that Watford had delivered three of the six positive votes and two more of their players have since entered self-isolation.

That’s a blow but the Premier League is pushing on. They’re set for the results of the second round of testing, after a week of training, this weekend and that represents another major milestone for football returning in England.

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