The Premier League is set today for what’s been called the “most important” meeting in its history by the Daily Mirror – and one item on the agenda is of huge interest to Leeds United.

The Sun also hypes up the meeting saying it’s the “biggest English football meeting for 28 years” and cites eight different items on the agenda.

One will be of particular interest for Leeds United fans. It comes in the second half of the meeting, set to start at 10.30am today, and it details what would happen to the Premier League if the season has to be ended early.

This could happen if there’s a second spike in the Coronavirus outbreak and presumably a spread among teams and players, either from contact training or once the season kicks off.

This follows comments in the BBC from the chief executive of the Premier League, Richard Masters, who set alarm bells ringing in Leeds when he said, “Curtailment is still a possibility”.

Masters went on to say that scrapping relegation “would come up for discussion” and was “a significant topic”.

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With two governing bodies to contend with, it can feel like spinning plates for Leeds fans at the moment.

What happens in the EFL is critical but so are the decisions made by the Premier League.

If they scrap relegation and vote not to expand the league for next season, Leeds and the EFL would be left looking at the courts to try to enforce promotion.

Today could finally be the day when the threat from the Premier League is taken off the table.

If the Premier League finishes, three teams will be relegated.

What is on the agenda for today is what happens if the season can’t be played out.

If three teams still go down then that’s a massive boost for Leeds. All Leeds would have to concentrate on then is securing promotion on the pitch if the Championship can play on.

If the Premier League can’t finish, though, it’s highly likely the Championship would be in the same boat. And a framework is already in place for Leeds to be promoted on points-per-game if that happens – if, as expected a vote between all 71 EFL clubs passes early next week.

It’s a massive day for Leeds and its promotion bid and we’ll keep you up to speed with the very latest developments.

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