By Craig Scott

5th Sep, 2021 | 5:42pm

Lee Dixon slams Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford in first-half of England v Andorra

Lee Dixon wasn’t impressed by what he saw of Patrick Bamford in the first half of the Leeds United striker’s England debut against Andorra on Sunday.

Bamford, who’s celebrating his 28th birthday on the same day as senior his international debut, had a huge chance to score his first goal too when he just about failed to get on the end of a Bukayo Saka pass.

Before that, ex-Arsenal defender Dixon kept noticing Bamford stray offside while England were in possession and the ITV pundit feels that could be down to nerves.

“Bamford is wandering offside,” said Dixon in the first half on ITV on Sunday. “He’s looking up and the ball’s not coming.

“Sometimes you’re a bit keen and a bit anxious on your debut, you make your run, you see what you do normally for you club but you run too early.”

Calm down, Lee

Bamford is playing for England the first-team and for a manager who isn’t Marcelo Bielsa for the first time in a while.

He’s also playing at Wembley against Andorra.

England are enjoying a lot of possession, especially in the attacking third, against a team who have almost every man behind the ball and are trying to make it as tough as possible for Gareth Southgate’s side to break down.

You can’t blame them for that and you also cannot blame Bamford for straying offside when he’s the one who’s waiting for the pass.

England’s issue here is that they don’t have too many playmakers who can pick a ball out to a striker.

Jude Bellingham and Saka can do it but other players aren’t as intricate and are better with long-range passes or crosses.

Bamford will hopefully make the net ripple in the second half.

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