By David Woods

16th Mar, 2020 | 9:24am

'It's official', 'Unbelievable' – These Leeds fans react to official club Twitter update

Leeds United hit upon a unique way of keeping their fans entertained after football was suspended because of the Coronavirus.

Leeds were due to play Cardiff on Sunday and with that game postponed, Leeds played the match out on FIFA 2020.

Leeds won 3-1 and after the game the club posted a tweet that showed how many fans had watched the game.

Incredibly, 7,394 watched it live and 158,000 watched it on demand.

Leeds ended the tweet with “Our fans > Your fans” and the supporters were absolutely loving it.

If you missed the game you can still catch the highlights on the official Leeds Twitter page.

Patrick Bamford got a brace and Jack Harrison the third as Leeds took another step towards promotion – in the virtual world at least.

Back in the real world, fans paid tribute to the game and to the fanbase on Twitter.

And, while it was no more than a bit of fun, it does throw up an interesting possibility.

Big data means that accurate predictions can be made in the sporting world. FIFA 2020 might not be the most accurate way to play out the season, but sites like FiveThirtyEight crunch numbers all the time and show how the season would end if the rest of the fixtures played out.

If the season can’t be completed, isn’t this a decent solution? And not just because Leeds would be promoted as champions.

Meanwhile, after the success of the FIFA experiment, we can see Leeds doing this again for Wednesday night’s game against Fulham.

Here’s how the last game went down with Leeds fans…

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