By David Woods

7th Dec, 2020 | 7:36am

Former Premier League referee delivers verdict on Poveda controversy in Leeds clash v Chelsea

There was more VAR controversy on Saturday night as Leeds United and Chelsea clashed at Stamford Bridge. 

Ian Poveda was clearly clipped by Ben Chilwell inside the penalty area.

The clip was picked up on by Liverpool fans as it was almost identical to the challenge by Andy Robertson on Danny Welbeck.

VAR intervened then but were silent at the Bridge on Saturday night.

If Poveda had gone down then it would have been looked at and we think it would have been a penalty.

However, that’s not the view of former Premier League referee Keith Hackett. 

He was asked about the incident by a Liverpool fan who said, “Keith your view on the Chilwell foot clash incident & VAR not sending Ref to the monitor? Not much different from the Robertson Welbeck one?”

Hackett replied on Twitter saying, “Jim neither were penalty kicks for me. Robertson’s last week was a poor decision.”

Had to be a penalty

Hmm, we’re not sure about this. Everyone else who’s seen the incident, including Danny Murphy on Match of the Day, were convinced it should have been a penalty.

Poveda deserves credit for staying on his feet but if VAR doesn’t intervene and give the penalty, it’s going to encourage players to go down.

We think it’s a clear penalty. Chilwell clips Poveda’s foot and it puts him off his stride.

Consistency is what fans want, though, and if it was a penalty when Robertson did it last week, it has to be a penalty this week.

Poveda was punished for being honest and we think most Leeds fans would have been happy to see him go down in retrospect.

Next time, he probably will.

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