We’re delighted to welcome former England goalkeeper Paul Robinson as our exclusive columnist. Each week he’ll be giving his views on the biggest talking points at Leeds United…

Paul Robinson thinks that Leeds will have an advantage if the Championship does restart with nine games remaining. 

That’s the scenario Leeds are hoping for, with the club and players looking to secure promotion on the pitch.

Leeds are currently top of the Championship, just one point ahead of West Brom in second but seven points clear of third-placed Fulham.

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Talking exclusively to MOT Leeds News, Robinson said, “I think if the Championship were to restart now, Leeds would be at an advantage. Look at Bielsa’s track record. Leeds always start like a train. The past two seasons they’ve started off brilliantly.

“They’re by far the fittest team in the league. Everyone they play comments about their fitness levels and work rate. If the league does start, Leeds would have an advantage because of the fitness of their players and how fast they start seasons.

“It’s unprecedented times, though. Players have now had longer off than they will have had in their careers. Summer breaks are only normally five-to-six weeks, players who play internationals get less than that.

“However, I think they can only play again if they can guarantee the safety of players 100%. If I was playing still I wouldn’t want to play at the moment. I think we’ve got to face the real possibility of the Championship not restarting.”

leeds united

Leeds have got to the top of the Championship in part because of their fitness levels, and their players have had a huge incentive to stay fit through lockdown.

The same isn’t true of many mid-table teams and that could be the key if Leeds do get to return to action.

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