By Craig Scott

28th Apr, 2022 | 10:40am

Ex-FIFA official: Wilfried Zaha should have been sent off as controversial Leeds United footage emerges

Keith Hackett would have sent Wilfried Zaha off after the Crystal Palace forward put his hand up to Raphinha’s face in the draw with Leeds United on Monday night.

Zaha, 29, avoided being booked by referee Darren England after an incident saw Raphinha, 25, go to the ground clutching his face.

As you can see in the video clip, Zaha raises his hand to Raphinha and despite not looking at the Brazilian, he seems to make a pushing movement towards his face.

When asked about the incident on Twitter, former Premier League and FIFA referee Hackett said he would have shown Zaha a red card.

“A sanction of at least a yellow card,” said Hackett via his personal Twitter account this morning [28 April].

“If I was the ref he would be issued with a red.

“Referees apply the laws guided by their boss [Mike] Riley.”

Hackett added: “Very lucky to escape a red card.

“Perhaps his boss might whisper in Zaha’s ear because he will come up against a referee who will dismiss him for this.”

Soft red

Zaha should have been booked for that.

However, we do not agree with Hackett saying that what Zaha did to Raphinha was a red card offence.

Zaha only had his eyes on the ball and didn’t even look at Raphinha.

He just stuck his arm up and unfortunately for the Leeds star, Zaha’s hand went into his face.

It was unintentional, there was no malice and it wasn’t violent conduct so we do not need how that would have been a red card.

Was it reckless? It was a bit. But there was no force there that could have led to Raphinha being injured.

You can see why he went down clutching his face but a red card? No chance.

Leeds fans will probably disagree with this because there’s league-wide angst against Zaha for the way he plays.

England got the decision wrong but it wasn’t wrong to the point where it would have altered the game and VAR needed to get involved.

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