The EFL finally released an official statement after its meeting on Wednesday and it’s delivered a huge boost for Leeds United getting promoted.

It reasserted its commitment to getting the season finished – across all divisions – but also put provisions in place for any rule change.

It said that if seasons couldn’t be finished then promotion and relegation would stand and be decided on a points-per-game basis.

Any vote for a season to be ended early would require a 51% vote from members.

So, in the Championship, that would see Leeds and West Brom getting promoted if games can’t be played.

This is great news for Leeds but it’s no more than we expected.

However, keeping relegation on the table across all divisions is a bit of a surprise.

However, the marquee news is that any changes to the Championship rules – if the season can’t be completed – require a vote of 51% of clubs.

That would mean 13 Championship clubs would need to vote for the season not to restart and at the present time that’s not going to happen.

That represents a big difference to the Premier League, which needs a 14-6 vote to push through rule changes.

Either way works for Leeds United, who should secure promotion on the pitch and desperately want to have the chance for that to happen.

Automatic promotion would be a decent consolation prize.

Hull City is the only club who have officially come out and called for the season to end.

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