By David Woods

8th Jun, 2020 | 8:30pm

EFL club owner details exactly what Leeds are voting on & when season-ending ballot happens

Peterborough owner Darragh MacAnthony has detailed exactly what Leeds United will be voting on and when Tuesday’s season-ending EFL ballot will happen.

The EFL has put forward a recommendation of unweighted points-per-game if leagues have to be curtailed.

Other clubs have put forward their proposals and MacAnthony has come out strongly in favour of one from Tranmere owner Mark Palios.

Talking on his Hard Truth podcast MacAnthony also detailed that the vote would take place on Tuesday afternoon after the meeting in the morning.

“There are multiple votes. Meeting in the morning, votes in the afternoon,” MacAnthony said.

“Tranmere proposal, fair play to Mark Palios… They’ve worked really hard…

“The vote itself, what Mark has put together, it’s a very detailed document. He’s used an average of the last three years and done a logical analysis, instead of points-per-game, the way it would work it would take the last three years as an average, Coventry would go up… Rotherham are only three points clear of six teams. It would bring Rotherham back into the play-offs, it would be second to tenth, with an opt-out option, eight teams in two groups of four playing off against each other.

“The other vote is Barnsley. They’ve put a proposal together for no relegation. Lincoln have made a suggestion about weighted and unweighted points per game. It should be home and away, not how it’s being worked out at the moment.

“Ipswich have put forward an amendment where you would see a 10-team tournament vying for three play-off places. There is a way to do this that suits everyone. The Tranmere proposal does suit everyone. It saves teams that shouldn’t be unjustly relegated.”

There’s only one vote that Leeds will be desperate to avoid – that’s the Barnsley ‘no relegation’ proposal.

Barnsley are rock bottom of the Championship and getting relegation taken off the table is probably the only thing that can save them from dropping into League One.

The Tranmere proposal is the one that’s got the most traction.

It’s heavily maths-based and it’s certainly a more thorough way of approaching the league than a simple points-per-game.

It’s effectively a weighted PPG system that would see the third from bottom club avoid relegation.

However, it’s complicated and the EFL will be keen for simplicity at this point in the season.

But all of the proposals work for Leeds except the one from Barnsley, and we fully expect that one to fail.

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