Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher has said it ‘doesn’t sit well’ that some Premier League clubs are trying to get relegation removed before they will vote for the season to restart.

The plot has been widely reported, although the number of teams involved varies.

However, the bottom six are thought to be the teams pushing for relegation to be taken off the table before agreeing to vote for Project Restart.

That could have a knock-on effect for Leeds United in terms of promotion from the Championship.

An expanded Premier League could be an option but it could be hard to get a vote for that through, with many teams already complaining about having to play too many fixtures.

Leeds United

Talking on The Football Show (Sky Sports, Tuesday, 9am),  Carragher said there were reasons behind not restarting the season, but that teams had now ‘ruined their argument’.

“Teams at the top find it hard to talk about the season continuing as it could look insensitive but it’s very different for the clubs at the bottom,” Carragher said.

“But a lot of that, when they said they were okay to play at neutral venues when relegation was scrapped, I think that really ruined their argument and I think they lost sympathy for clubs at the bottom who had been arguing for so long about why they couldn’t play.

“As soon as relegation was taken off the table they were fine, that doesn’t sit well.”

leeds united

Brighton chief Paul Barber has spoken very eloquently on the issues surrounding the restart and has put himself out a lot in the media in the past few weeks.

He was behind exploring a 22-team Premier League over the past couple of weeks.

However, as part of the plot to remove relegation, we think he’s undermined everything that’s been said before.

The bottom six teams are where they are because they’ve not been good enough playing home and away for more than three-quarters of the season.

Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish was on the same show on Sky this morning and said that all of his players are happy to play and that he was convinced football could make its workplace safer than any other workplace in the country.

The government has delayed its meeting over relaxing lockdown rules. That will be held on Sunday now with the Premier League set to meet on Monday and potentially vote on Project Restart.

There seems to be growing pressure from within the game and from broadcasters against the rebel plot and we hope the bottom clubs reconsider and do their talking on the pitch in neutral venues.

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