By David Woods

4th Jan, 2021 | 12:42pm

Dermot Gallagher delivers verdict on controversial penalty decision in Leeds clash v Spurs

Former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher has delivered his verdict on the controversial penalty from the Leeds United defeat to Tottenham on Saturday.

Gjanni Alioski clipped Steven Bergwijn but VAR seemed to show contact was outside of the box.

It was looked at but the decision stuck and Harry Kane converted confidently from the spot for the first goal of the game that Leeds lost 3-0.

Talking on Ref Watch (Sky Sports, Monday, 12.10pm), Gallagher explained why the penalty stood.

“Well, it’s a bit like a forward being in the offside position. Part of his body is inside the area.

“He’s fouled, the referee gives a penalty. The line belongs to the goalkeeper therefore it’s a penalty.”

Both pundits in the studio disagreed with Gallagher.

Stephen Warnock said, “That is outside the box. If we can see the clip again, you see the foot hit the ground of Bergwijn. It hits outside when the contact is made.”

Sue Smith agreed saying, “It is outside the box, you can see that. I’m really, really surprised that wasn’t overturned.”

Gallagher doubled down, though, saying, “I think, because Bergwijn, because some of his body is in the area and some isn’t that’s why it’s given.”

Clearly outside the box

The contact was clearly outside of the box. Marginal decisions like this are exactly why we have VAR.

The contact didn’t carry on into the box. The player was clipped outside the box and then he went down.

The decision seems to have been made because a part of his body is in the area, but this is just as bad as the offside decisions that re being given when an arm is offside.

In a case of something that either is or isn’t, like offside, VAR should step in.

Leeds had been on top of the game before giving away the penalty and going a goal down made a massive impact on the game.

It might have come from two avoidable errors from Leeds players but they were compounded by one from the referee.

Gallagher needs to call it as he sees it, not as he thinks he should say.

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