Former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher has delivered his verdict on the controversial incident in the game between Leeds United and Wolves on Friday. 

Wolves won 1-0 after an own goal from Illan Meslier, but Leeds had a goal chalked off for offside from Patrick Bamford.

The linesman flagged for offside after the ball had been put in the net and that was later ratified by VAR, despite the lines looking far from convincing.

Bamford himself hit out at the decision after the game.

Talking on Ref Watch on Sky Sports (Monday, 11.30am), Gallagher said it was the right decision and went as far as praising the linesman.

“I’m looking at the lines drawn here and you do it from the middle of the foot for the Wolves player and off the hair follicle on the knee for Bamford, is that fair?” asked Rob Wotton.

“We talk about this week-in, week-out,” said Gallagher.

“It’s the system we use and it’s the best system that we’ve got available.

“What I will say is that this wasn’t given by VAR, that decision was given by the official on the day, so as on on-field decision, what I will say is that this is fantastic by Nick Hopton.”


No surprise

We weren’t expecting much from Gallagher on this one.

The decision was made by the on-field official so it wouldn’t have stood whether we’d got VAR or not.

What we would say is that the way the lines are drawn by VAR needs to be looked at.

It does seem that there’s no consistency here and we’d suggest the lines were drawn to support the on-field decision rather than being an accurate representation of what happened.

Do we want goals like this to be ruled out if you can’t even tell whether the player is offside or not?

We’re not sure what the alternative is but we feel for Bamford who’s now had two brilliant goals ruled out for debatable offsides.

This wasn’t quite as bad as the one against Crystal Palace when his pointing arm was adjudged to be offside.

To make matters worse on Friday, the Wolves goal was ridiculously lucky.

We’re hoping fortunes swing in our favour at Elland Road on Tuesday.

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