By David Woods

19th May, 2020 | 11:39am

'Crikey, don't know if I'm excited or scared' – Some Leeds fans react to BBC Championship update

The status of the 19/20 Championship – and the bid to secure promotion for Leeds United – is shifting constantly, but there was an exciting update on Monday. 

In a report about the Premier League and Project Restart from the BBC, there was an updated schedule for the 19/20 Championship season.

The report said: “The idea is to play on five consecutive weekends and the four midweeks in between, meaning the final league games would be 18/19 July, followed by the play-offs, the format for which is still to be decided.”

These dates mark a very positive shift for the Championship and finally give the Leeds United players, Marcelo Bielsa and the fans a date to work towards.

It left one Leeds fan very excited and he just said, “Let’s do this” and added a trophy emoji for good luck.

However, the news made it all too real for another Leeds fans who said, “Crikey!!! Don’t know whether I’m excited or scared, tbh.”

We know how he feels.

Leeds have been top of the league since mid-March. The season should have ended by now.

We’ve spent the past couple of months reporting on whether football will restart or not, and if not how the season will finish.

The thought of seeing Leeds finally back on the pitch is exciting but there will be butterflies in the stomach too ahead of the first kick-off.

Leeds are in a super-strong position to kick on and secure promotion, but they’re not home and hosed yet.

And, with Fulham up in the second game back for Leeds, things are set to get very real very quickly.

Other Leeds fans have different takes.

One fan said that the Championship was moving towards having no wriggle-room. He said, “One more week delay and it’s all over”.

That’s not strictly true as the reported plan would see the season finishing well ahead of the end of July deadline. The play-offs could be done at short notice if need be – and they wouldn’t get in the way of UEFA’s European competitions even if they had to be played in August.

One fan pointed out that the schedule is “a lot shorter than the original 56-day plan”, although if you add the play-offs as well, you’re not far off.

We’ll end with one Leeds fan who perhaps summed it up best, with a video of an over-excited Kermit the Frog.

We think that’s what the bulk of fans will be feeling – with a healthy dollop of nerves on top.

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